Stamped Concrete is durable, high quality paving system which is ideal for driveways, walkways, terraces, car and paths which will give more beauty to landscape of your project. Stamped textured concrete more than 70 different shapes and more than 200 colors which will be applied in high strength ready mix poured concrete on site, stamped and sealed to give character and durability. Custom colors and tooling options can be compliment existing architectural or interior design elements, our engineers can assist in creating your own unique paving and flooring designs


From office building to retail centers, hotels and restaurants to theme parks, Satma Int provides a safe, long- lasting and easy to maintain paving alternative for your commercial projects. Series of specialized coloring, patterning, texturing and finishing techniques used in concert to create unique and dramatic special effects for interior flooring and exterior paving projects.


Offering high quality maintenance services for landscaping, irrigation &  swimming pools. Performed by our skilled & trained staff. Wholesale nurseries operation under specialized  grower. Quality control and periodic test during the construction and maintenance cycle are under taken to ensure a quality system that work and will go on working with minimum maintenance problem and cost.